Who is Jack Champion?

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Early Life and Love for Acting

Jack Champion, a young actor born on November 16, 2004, in Blacksburg, Virginia, is making a name for himself in the world of movies. He’s a kid with a big talent and an even bigger passion for acting. Jack’s mom is a microbiologist, which means she studies tiny things like germs and bacteria. But Jack’s heart wasn’t in science; it was in the arts. When he was only eight years old, he was already showing off his acting skills in school plays. People could tell he had something special. He loved being on stage and making people feel different emotions.

Jack Champion’s Movie Debut

After making waves in school plays, Jack took his talents to the world of movies. He began with a small but important role in a documentary series called “American Genius” in 2015. This was followed by a quick appearance in “The Divergent Series: Insurgent” the same year. These roles might not have been super famous, but they were like stepping stones, helping Jack climb higher.

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The Big Break with “Avatar”

In 2017, something incredible happened. A famous director named James Cameron, who’s known for making huge movies, noticed Jack. He was planning a sequel to the mega-blockbuster movie “Avatar,” and he thought Jack could be a part of it. That wasn’t the only exciting thing happening for Jack; he also had a tiny role in the gigantic movie “Avengers: Endgame” in 2019. But what really showed his talent was his starring role in the spooky movie “The Night Sitter” in 2018.

Jack faced a big challenge when he was just 12 years old. He went through a tough four-month audition process for “Avatar: The Way of Water.” His hard work and talent paid off, and he got the role of Spider, a human teenager on a faraway planet called Pandora. It was a tough job because he had to act in two different ways. First, he acted with special equipment that captured his movements and expressions, and then he acted in real places in a beautiful country called New Zealand. This was a massive project that took four and a half years to finish!

To play Spider just right, Jack had to become a real expert in some cool stuff like freediving (swimming deep underwater without equipment) and scuba diving (swimming underwater with special gear). His dedication paid off when “Avatar: The Way of Water” came out in 2022. It was not just a hit with critics, but it made a whole lot of money too – over $2 billion! That’s more money than most people can even imagine. And guess what? Jack’s adventure in the Avatar world isn’t over. He’s set to appear in the next two Avatar movies, “Avatar 3” and “Avatar 4,” coming out in 2025 and 2029!

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Jack Champion’s New Roles

In 2023, Jack wanted to explore different types of roles. He joined the cast of a scary movie called “Scream VI.” It was a big change from the huge sets and fancy effects of Avatar. Jack said it felt like a super fun summer vacation! After that, he worked with a famous actor named Liam Neeson in an exciting action movie called “Retribution.” It was based on a movie from Spain made in 2015.

What’s Next for Jack Champion?

Jack’s journey in Hollywood is still going strong. He’s not slowing down anytime soon. He’s going to be a part of a special project called “Freaky Tales” by directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck. And there’s another project he’s working on, a family drama called “Everything’s Going to Be Great,” directed by Jon S. Baird. So, Jack’s future looks really bright.


Jack Champion’s story is like a dream come true. He started acting when he was just a kid and has already achieved so much. From the small town of Blacksburg, he’s gone on to become a big star in Hollywood. Jack’s journey shows us that if you love something and work hard at it, you can achieve your dreams. So, keep an eye out for Jack Champion because he’s going to do even more amazing things in the world of movies. His passion, talent, and dedication are taking him to incredible places, and he’s showing us all that dreams can come true if you believe in yourself and keep chasing them.

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