NFL Memes – Top 10 Memes

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It would appear that the National Football League is a great source of fodder for memes. These amusing memes cover everything from unsuccessful franchises to poor draft strategies, so there’s something for everyone here.

While everyone around the world is working hard to get back on their feet, the National Football League is doing everything in its power to ensure that fans will be able to watch football during the upcoming season by adopting all of the essential safety measures.

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There have been a few memes that have emerged on the internet while the fans have been anxiously waiting for the NFL to welcome them in 2020. These memes are guaranteed to make any hardcore fan crack a smile or chuckle. 

Browns Fans, give it up!

It appeared as though the Cleveland Browns had turned a very nasty corner the previous season, giving the impression that they were a serious danger capable of competing with any club in the NFL. They appeared to be on the verge of making the next step with players like Odell Beckham Jr., Jarvis Landry, Nick Chubb, and Myles Garrett. What came to pass?

Baker Mayfield, in addition to being coached poorly, forgot how to play football, taking a page out of Johnny Manziel’s playbook in the process. 

Getting on Board with That Bandwagon

How many modern “fans” of the Patriots are familiar with the team’s history before Tom Brady’s arrival? Back in the day, did they have any support for Drew Bledsoe? It’s difficult to hold that against them. Because nobody wants to root for a team that consistently finishes in last place, a large number of fans have gravitated toward the New England Patriots.

Now that the unthinkable has happened, with Brady leaving New England and headed to Tampa Bay, many others who call themselves “fans” of the Patriots have followed suit. The recruitment of Rob Gronkowski made it that much simpler to hop on the bandwagon.

The Super Bowl Challenge by Richard Sherman

Richard Sherman must feel terrible. It was only a matter of a few plays until he would have added TWO more Super Bowl rings to his collection of accomplishments. Everyone is aware of what took place in the waning seconds of Super Bowl XLIX (simply run the ball with Marshawn Lynch!! ), which was won by the Seattle Seahawks. In the waning seconds of the game, Russell Wilson threw an interception on the goal line, shattering every Seahawk in the process and allowing Richard Sherman’s reaction to be memorably captured on camera.

As if that wasn’t terrible enough, Sherman was actually at fault in his second heartbreaking Super Bowl defeat, which came against the Chiefs, as he was absolutely outplayed by Sammy Watkins on a vital play. This loss was especially painful for Sherman because it was his second consecutive loss in the Super Bowl.

Bill Belichick, winner of 28 Super Bowls as a head coach

The Patriots, with Bill Belichick as head coach and Tom Brady playing quarterback, were an unbeatable combination for the majority of their time together. It turned into a game for those who didn’t like the Patriots, where the objective was to see them fail rather than to root for the other team to triumph. Therefore, many football fans let out a sigh of relief when Tom Brady announced that he would no longer be playing for the franchise…

Until the diabolical genius that is Bill Belichick manages to get his hands on the next famous quarterback, this won’t happen. Even if it’s just a meme, everyone is aware of how challenging the year 2020 has been, so let’s all say some prayers to the football gods that an event like this doesn’t take place.

The worst draft ever.

It’s not complicated: the Green Bay Packers needed a wide receiver in a draft that was historically strong at the position, but they ended up drafting almost no receivers to assist Aaron Rodgers, who was just one game away from playing in the Super Bowl last year.

The fact that the Packers used their first-round pick on quarterback Jordan Love is just as perplexing as the decision itself. Even though it’s a common occurrence in Green Bay, Matt LaFleur’s child is adamant about staying away from it.

Most Interesting Player Football

In 2019, Gardner Minshew appeared out of nowhere and immediately won over the hearts of fans all around the world thanks to his unassuming confidence, his oodles of charisma, and most significantly, his mustache.

Even if he is not the second coming of the Messiah (which he would have to be in order to improve the Jaguars team from the previous season), The ‘Shew is an exciting young quarterback who has the potential to do huge things in Jacksonville. However, it will be challenging for him to top the things that he did in his younger years.

How bout ‘em cowboys?

According to the opinions of the Cowboys’ supporters, each year could very well be the team’s year. CeeDee Lamb, who was just recently acquired, is a key part of the reason why there is a renewed sense of confidence among the players as a result of the recent hiring of Mike McCarthy as their head coach and the outstanding array of talent that exists on both sides of the field.

But let’s not kid ourselves. Since 1996, the Cowboys have not been able to win two consecutive playoff games. Even when they appeared to be on the verge of taking the next step, mediocrity appears to be following them. It appears to be the case this season; come on, Cowboys, don’t give the Eagles crowd even more motivation to cheer for their team!

Is It Finished Already?

Tom Brady has stated that he wants to continue playing football until he is 45 years old, which means that Matt Ryan and the Falcons still have some time to seek revenge for their most embarrassing loss. The Falcons’ full and utter implosion is what makes this moment so meme-worthy, despite the fact that the Patriots’ comeback from being down 25 points was spectacular.

Everything looked like it was going so wonderfully, and then… calamity befell them. There is no way to compare a global pandemic to Tom Brady (even for the most ardent of his detractors), but they both managed to ruin some enjoyable activities.

Trade With Hopkins

If you’re one of the 37 people who haven’t seen the movie Avengers: Infinity War and don’t know what the original sentence was, it was supposed to mean that it cost Thanos “everything” to accomplish what he set out to do. What kind of a price did the Arizona Cardinals have to pay in order to get one of the top wide receivers in the league in DeAndre Hopkins?

No instructions included.

The new Los Angeles Chargers jerseys and colors have a distinctly Swedish feel to them, which may cause some fans to be reminded of their preferred furniture store. It is quite unlikely that IKEA will ever sponsor anything having to do with football, but in the event that they do, they have their squad prepared and ready to go.

Even though the internet has been having a good time making fun of the newest employees at Best Buy, the store’s new look is fantastic and gives a nod to its long and illustrious past.

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