Manananggal Story in English

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Before going into deep let’s understand the meaning of Mananaggal. Noun. (mythology, folklore) vampire-like mythical creature, usually a malevolent, man-eating, and blood-sucking monster or witch capable of separating themselves from the lower part of their body.

Short Definition

The Manananggal (“self-segmenter”) is a Filipino Aswang (evil spirit) that detaches her torso from her lower half and then takes flight during the night to eat infants.

Can I know the answer quickly?

Why not? A manananggal is a creature from Philippine folklore. It is described as a female vampire or witch who can separate her upper torso from her lower half, and fly into the night in search of her victims.

The manananggal is said to be a beautiful woman during the day, but at night she transforms into a terrifying creature with long fangs and sharp claws. She preys on pregnant women and their unborn children, using her long tongue to suck the blood of her victims.

To protect oneself from a manananggal, it is said that one can sprinkle salt or ash around the house, or place a container of saltwater near the entrance. Some also believe that a manananggal cannot fly over a bamboo fence, so building one around your house is said to provide protection.

There are also various ways to destroy a manananggal, such as searching for her lower half and spreading salt or ash over it to prevent her from rejoining her body, or by finding and destroying the egg she has laid for her offspring.

It’s important to note that these are all beliefs and stories from a particular culture and should not be taken as fact.

Read the complete story – How did she become a bad creature

This is the chilling story of the manananggal provided on the unborn baby and it starts in a town in the Philippines where our main character Maria is about to get married to the man she loves. Unfortunately for some reason, her groom didn’t come and nobody could find him. Worried and scared refusing to be heartbroken she searched for her missing soon-to-be husband until she finally found him in the arms of another woman. The worst part was the woman was pregnant with his baby. He was cheating on her but even at this moment Maria refused to accept it and begged her fiance to come back to her.

Maria was crying and begging.

“Please come back to me you said you loved me”

The cheating couple didn’t care they humiliated her and dragged her out of their home. The next day, they went to some other place so she couldn’t find them.

Then this heartbroken woman cursed herself and became asked God to give her tongue the power to tell them about my Agony, let me accept my revenge I will give up all the joys in the world if I am given that I need the pain and anger inside me, so after this, her anger becomes so strong that her body was torn into two but wings sprouted from her back her tongue grew long and powerful she became a creature with extreme strength and heightened senses she could now fly and find her groom and his lover.

But her power could only survive at night by sunrise she grew weak and her skin burned until she was able to come back to her bottom half and return to her normal-looking self as a cursed creature mananaggal could no longer feel Joy she couldn’t sleep she couldn’t eat her mouth burned from the simple joys of flavors of food.

Especially with garlic and salt instead, She craved blood she craved flesh. But above all, she craved nothing more than finding the two people who hurt her the most until it finally happened she found them hiding in a Hut (A hut is a small house with only one or two rooms, especially one which is made of wood, mud, grass, or stones).

It was at that moment when she felt an unbelievable hunger to kill she fixated on the woman’s pregnant belly. She couldn’t stop herself her tongue ripped the woman’s stomach apart and ate the baby. She was about to rip through her groom’s heart too but her skin started to burn from the rising sun she had to go back to her lower body.

When the man woke up to his murdered lover and what was left of their baby he was in shock quickly after he buried the bodies without a clue that it was Maria who did the unthinkable thing. One day Maria came back to her lover pretending that she will take care of her lover and assured him she will help him move on.

The guy was so smart and he invited her into his new home but he noticed something strange in her he saw her skin getting blisters when she accidentally held some garlic.

He saw her throwing up blood, when he fed her food with salt,

So he also started observing that she was always leaving late at night and arriving before sunrise with blood on her mouth that was when more victims turned up in the rest of the town pregnant women whose bellies were ripped apart just like what happened before with him. When the hunt for the monster began the groom noticed Maria becoming more fearful and so one night curious and suspicious he followed her into the woods he saw how she screamed in agony ripping her body in half. He saw her back sprout wings, he saw her tongue grow long and powerful. The guy saw her murdering another pregnant woman and eating the unborn child and worst of all he saw her noticing her it is too bad luckily for him.

He was able to escape from her and as he ran, he remembered something he went into one of the houses and took a jar of salt and a braid of garlic then he ran where Maria’s bottom half was waiting and put the jar of salt onto it.

Maria caught up to him shrieking in pain she could feel her insides burning from the salt she tried to attack him but her hands burned from the braid of garlic around his neck at that moment people from the community woke up from her creams scout but finally seeing with their own eyes that there was a monster in their town.

They tried to fight her but she was too strong that was until the sun started to rise there was nowhere to hide for Maria started burning her screams sounded like she had flanks in her throat her thighs ignited her feet burned so fast they couldn’t hold her legs until Maria turned into Amber’s and then into ashes and then into dust quickly disappearing With the Wind as if she never existed as if this monster was just an imagination but that community never forgot and they told the story over and over to lovers and to the kids not to scare them but to remind them to be good people to never cheat on your loved ones to never be overpowered.

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