How to Style a Viking Dress in 2023

Vikings were sea-borne raiders that lived around the late eighth and mid-11th centuries. With their longboats prowling the waterways, horned helmets, and terrifying history, the Vikings are both proud and strong people of old.

It’s no wonder that many are still fascinated with their way of life and culture. While wearing Viking clothes might not let you travel through time, it is a fun and stylish way to add adventure to your life. But how do you wear Viking clothing in your everyday life?

Keep reading for our guide on how to style a Viking dress that suits you.

Set Your Desired Length and Style

Understanding the look you strive for is critical to finding a dress that fits your desired length and style. Some of the most popular types call for calf-length, tunic-style dresses. While these look great, you can work with longer floor-length designs if desired.

Consider whether decorative beading along the bottom or around the neckline would work, depending on the look. If you’re aiming for a more modest style, consider opting for a dress with long fitted sleeves, a higher neckline, and a high waist.

Utilize Traditional Fabrics and Shades

When sporting a traditional Viking style, the fabrics and shades chosen should reflect the culture. Choose natural materials such as wool, leather, or linen.

Colors should range from bold, vivid reds, blues, and gold to deep, earthy browns, greens, and beiges. Textures, too, should be considered, as the Vikings favored homespun fabrics crafted from raw materials.

Accessories such as necklaces, arm and leg wraps, and belts can help to evoke a true Viking style. Finally, the overall look should reflect Norse beliefs and be unique to the wearer, as each Viking styled their looks differently.

Choose the Right Accessories

Headpieces such as a fillet or a wide-brimmed hat with feather or fur trim add a regal touch to Viking dresses. Fibulae can be used to cloak, while spangenhelm helmets are perfect for battle-ready looks.

Belts, jewelry, and brooches are fantastic accents, depending on the occasion and dress style. Viking bags, leather pouches, and shoes will all increase the authenticity of the look. Opt for hair braids or twisted locks to match your Viking clothing.

Sport Viking-Inspired Footwear

Consider leather shoes or boots embossed with dragon designs in bold colors like red and yellow. Fur-lined boots or shoes are also perfect for a rugged Viking theme.

For those experienced in leatherworking, consider making your leather shoes in a traditional Scandinavian style. Finally, add a pair of shoe clips in Viking knot or knotwork designs to add a subtle touch of Norse flare to the outfit.

Mix and Match Elements to Create the Perfect Viking Dress Ensemble

Knowing how to style a Viking dress is essential to any historical occasion- or if you want to reach your inner Viking. With the right mix of materials, shapes, and accessories, one can create an authentic and accurate ensemble that will awe spectators and fellow re-enactors.

Viking-themed fashion can be a beautiful and unique addition to your wardrobe that stands out amongst the crowd. Don’t miss out. Take the time to understand and appreciate Viking fashion!

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