Greg Norman Yachts- All you need to know about

When over two decades have passed since it was first delivered, a yacht is considered to have true value if it retains its luster and gloss.

This pleasure ship was born to write history, much like its first owner, the golfing legend and yachting enthusiast Greg Norman.

Also, It was built to Greg Norman’s exact specifications, and it was built to last.

The first version of Aussie Rules was developed in 2003 for Greg Norman.

Greg Norman expressed remorse about the sale of his stunning superyacht nearly two decades ago in an interview with Ocean Independence. 

He stated that if he still had it today, “you would never see me working.” 

The individual who was known at the time as “the Great White Shark” was still riding the immense wave of success that he had achieved in the world of professional golf.

Norman is still widely regarded as one of the best golfers of all time and is consistently regarded as one of the most popular athletes in history.

History of Greg Norman Yacht

Even though it wasn’t Norman’s very first boat, Aussie Rules is widely considered to be the most spectacular vessel he’s ever owned.

Along the same lines as other billionaires, he worked his way up to this massive 228-foot (70 meter) vessel that was tailor-made for him by Oceanfast, an esteemed Australian boat builder.

It was the largest aluminum motor yacht in the world at the time and the flagship of the firm, which went on to win the Showboats Yacht of the Year award.

When he thinks about it now, Norman is convinced that Aussie Rules was 10 years ahead of its time; perhaps this is why it has been so popular throughout the years.

Features of Aussie Rules

This huge boat has the capacity to host up to 12 guests among its six comfortable cabins, and its expansive sun deck is complete with a jacuzzi, a grilling area, and plenty space for sunbathing.

A high-end eating space, a fully-equipped gymnasium, and a tackle room stocked with more than 200 fishing rods are some of the further highlights of its interior.

When it first opened its doors in 2003, it was one of the few establishments of its kind to provide two hyperbaric chambers, a home theater with a value of one million dollars, a vast collection of water toys, as well as fishing and diving gear, including two hundred fishing rods. 

Legacy of Aussie Rules

The golf champion has a history of chartering fishing sport ships, but this took his passion for the sport to an entirely new level. Additionally, because Norman desired to circumnavigate Australia, Aussie Rules was developed with performance in mind from the beginning.

Current Status

After been purchased multiple times and given new names, the yacht that was formerly known as Aussie Rules is no longer Norman’s personal luxury plaything. However, those with deep money may still enjoy this beauty, which is currently for sale at Worth Avenue Yachts. They can go fishing like a millionaire for a week for more than $400,000, giving them the opportunity to feel what it’s like to be in that position.

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