Best Home Improvement Companies in Australia

Many small businesses lead Australia’s construction industry; we’ve compiled a list of the country’s top 10 home improvement companies. 


Metricon has remained at the top of the list of home improvement companies for the past five years, having risen from its previous position of #63 in 1993/1994. Metricon is only responsible for 2.5% of all new homes built in Australia. Each of the Australian states—Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales, and South Australia—are represented in their portfolio. There is a wide range of architectural styles and price points available for both individual house designs and home and land packages.


More than five generations of the Hutchinson family have worked in the building industry. More than a hundred years. They have 1,500 employees, and their offices are located all throughout the country so that they may better serve local areas.Hutchies build or remodel about 4,000 dwellings annually in Australia. They are an attractive construction partner for projects of varying scales because of the breadth and depth of their experience, which allows them to give clients unmatched access to accurate pricing and programming data. In charge of new ventures, Paul David, says, “They do everything from individual homes all the way up to multi-towers and master planned communities.”


Multiplex has been creating mixed-use communities since 1962, including office and hotel areas, residential neighborhoods, and shopping centers. With offices in seven different countries and a workforce of over four thousand, they truly embody the concept of a global team. The $2 billion Brookfield Place complex in Wynyard, Sydney’s Central Business District, was recently announced to have attained practical completion after nine years of planning and construction.

 ABN Company, Ltd.

ABN Group was founded in 1978 and has now expanded to Western Australia and Victoria. More than 77,000 homes have been built or renovated thanks to their efforts across the two states, and 1,500 people have been put to work as a direct result. Dale Alcock and Aidan Hooper, both directors, oversee twenty different companies in the building and construction business. These companies specialize in residential construction, commercial construction and development, and financial services. Building houses falls under this industry subset.

MJH Group, Inc.

MJH Group builds a wide range of project homes, in addition to investment and multi-residential solutions, in the Australian states of New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory, Queensland, South Australia, and Tasmania. In addition to having over 650 full-time employees and 3000 freelance contractors and craftsmen, their enterprises also provide interior decorating, more affordable home finance alternatives, and simpler conveyancing.

Simonds Group

Simonds has been in the homebuilding business for over 60 years, during which time they have built over 21,000. An ASX-traded firm that develops client-owned land for new residential and commercial properties. In addition, the inner suburbs of all of the nation’s capital cities undergo extensive demolition and reconstruction.  Simonds has created over 150 showrooms and administrative offices across the country.


By the year 2020, BGC Housing Group has built more homes in Western Australia for families than any other developer. More than 2,000 people are employed by the company in Western Australia, where it is also headquartered. They have also built hotels, retirement villages, police stations, schools, universities, and hospitals. 

The vast bulk of BCG’s construction supplies come from its own factory in Washington. Because of this, they are comfortable offering a Lifetime Structural Warranty on all of the brand-new houses they build.

Dyldam Developments 

Dyldam Developments Pty Ltd was established in 1969 and has since become an industry leader by developing some of Sydney’s most iconic areas. 

However, a succession of corporate failures within the group beginning around the middle of 2019 have rocked Dyldam. Finance delays, family law issues, and the developer’s relationship with its Chinese state-owned sponsor are all blamed by the company, according to sources. 

GJ Gardner Homes

GJ Gardner has built more than 36,000 custom homes in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States over the period of the last 37 years. They specialize in building all types of residences, from duplexes to single-family homes, and even in tearing them down and starting over. The contractor manages the business and the franchise, and uses local vendors and artisans whenever possible. 

Henley Properties

Henley Properties offers fully furnished homes on developed property in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, and South Australia. The company also builds single-family homes, townhouses, terraces, and does demolition and reconstruction projects.


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