Anoboy is a popular website for streaming anime shows and movies. It started in 2018 and now has a big collection of videos from studios all over the world. More and more people are signing up to use Anoboy each year. With Anoboy, fans can watch new anime episodes and older classic shows anytime and anywhere.

This article will tell you about some of the cool things you can do on Anoboy, all the different anime they have, how much it costs compared to other sites, and what Anoboy wants to add in the future. I’ll share what the company has said about its plans too.

Content Library And Services

Anoboy licenses series and films directly from content owners to build its offerings. Subscribers gain access to thousands of titles both old and new subtitled and dubbed. Genres span action, comedy, drama and more for all ages. Anoboy’s apps allow up to 5 simultaneous streams and offline viewing for mobile compatibility. Profile customization and continued playlists also enhance the experience.

Pricing And Packages

Anoboy offers competitive monthly rates at $7.99 for its basic plan providing standard definition streaming to one device. For $9.99, HD access upgrades to two simultaneous streams. A family plan at $14.99 allows five profiles and screens. All packages feature a 7-day free trial with no contracts, credit needed or long-term commitments.

Comparing To Crunchyroll And Funimation

Anoboy’s main competitors are Crunchyroll and Funimation. Funimation was recently bought by Sony. Crunchyroll is best for new episodes right after they air in Japan. Anoboy wants to get more people to join by having a lower monthly price and adding more older shows.

Funimation offers dubbed shows but costs $7.99 each month, higher than Anoboy. Even so, Anoboy keeps adding subbed and dubbed shows too. All three sites provide anime worldwide to their growing number of fans.

Updates And Platform Growth

Anoboy continues strengthening its offerings through new partnerships and exclusives. Recent additions include popular series like Demon Slayer and Jujutsu Kaisen unavailable elsewhere. The service also expanded to smart TV apps, gaming consoles and additional devices to meet subscribers wherever they stream. Growth continues via ongoing licensing negotiations and improved streaming quality over time.

Community Features

Anoboy makes anime watching more fun with its social features. Users can follow friends to see what shows they like. They can also see what others are currently watching. People leave recommendations to share new anime they love.

Profile bios let you find others with similar tastes in genres and characters. The site has places for fans to talk about shows. It also shares news articles. All of this helps connections between passionate anime fans around the world. People discover series they may never have found otherwise too.

Future Plans And Industry Impact

When surveyed, Anoboy expressed goals of carrying complete libraries for even more renowned franchises through ongoing negotiations. They also aim to nurture new English dubs and fund original content over the coming years.

As anime viewership grows across demographics, all services will likely expand internationally and experiment with different offerings. Competition benefits consumers with evolving affordable options to enjoy this globally beloved artform.

Interface And Usability Testing

Anoboy consistently solicits member feedback and conducts usability studies. Recent interface upgrades simplified browsing by genre or favorites while streamlining profiles. Search functionality was improved to quickly find any title. Testing also revealed easy account creation and management encouraged trial conversions to paid customers. Continued evaluations help optimize the platform experience.

Accessibility Features And Descriptive Audio

Access for all is important to Anoboy which added video descriptions for visually impaired subscribers. Descriptive Audio provides narration of key visual elements. Audio and subtitle options further aid hearing ability. 

Parental controls allow managing maturity levels by profiles. iOS, Android and web players are also designed for compatibility with assistive technologies. These features reflect a commitment to inclusive viewing.

Curation Features For Young Viewers

Anoboy made different parts of the site for kids, teens, and adults. They worked with the anime studios to give each show a rating for its maturity level. Parents can use filters to choose which genres and maturity levels their kids can see.

Profile passwords also allow parents to limit spending or profile changes. These strong parental controls make it easy for parents to help their kids explore anime safely. Both young fans and older viewers can find shows appropriate for their age thanks to the covered sections and ratings.

Final Thoughts

Anoboy has become very successful in the anime streaming world. It has a collection of shows and movies that keeps getting bigger. Its prices are good compared to other sites. Users can connect with each other on Anoboy. The company is always making the website better. It is adding options to make anime available to more people.

Anoboy is also always getting the rights to more and more popular anime titles. As more people worldwide become anime fans, sites like Anoboy and competitors will keep improving. They will work together and come up with new ideas. Fans can expect to see growing choices for watching anime from companies focused on fans, like Anoboy.


What year was Anoboy founded?

Anoboy was founded in 2018. It started as a small site but has grown a lot since then.

How many anime titles are available on Anoboy?

Anoboy has thousands of anime shows and movies in its collection from around the world. The selection covers many genres for all different age groups.

How much does Anoboy’s basic plan cost?

The basic plan on Anoboy is priced at $7.99 per month. It allows one stream in standard definition on one device.

What are some popular series added recently?

Anoboy recently added Demon Slayer and Jujutsu Kaisen which are very popular but unavailable elsewhere. Fans are happy to watch these new exclusives.

How do community features work?

Anoboy lets users follow friends and see what they watch. People can also leave comments to find new anime. This helps fans connect worldwide.


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