9 Tips to Make Your Man Camp Feel Like Home

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The global construction industry is thriving, causing people to relocate for better job opportunities and live in man camps often arranged by their employers for the duration of their service. 

Living away from the comfort of your home becomes a challenge, even more than the work itself, especially if the place where you stay does not feel welcoming and cozy. 

However, if, by good luck, you have found a job in an area like Pecos with a booming community, relocating becomes inevitable for the better future of your loved ones. 

As for making your temporary residence welcoming and comfortable, there are ways of doing it, even without spending much money. 

Below, we share some tips to make your man camp exude the comfort of your house.

  1. Decorate your space with personal items

Decorating your main camp personal items is one of the ways to create association and feel at home. Family photographs, gifts from your loved ones, and family heirlooms can connect you with your residence. These items make you think your loved ones are nearby, dismissing negative feelings like loneliness and alleviating the emotional challenges of being away from home.

  1. Keep your surroundings clean

A clean man camp makes a wealth of difference in your comfort and how you feel about living there. A cluttered and unkempt living environment causes stress and bifurcates attention. Therefore, keeping your man camp clean should be a priority. 

Cleaning your man camp is easier if the owners provide housekeeping help. Places like Pecos, having a thriving construction industry and paying high salaries to its employees (median yearly earnings: $100,050), have well-maintained man camps. High-quality Pecos lodging provides state-of-the-art amenities like housekeeping help, Wi-Fi/internet access, washers and dryers, and much more to their residents, making their stay comfortable and feel more like home. 

Even if you don’t find a house-help, still keep your surroundings clean, either alone or with the help of those sharing the space with you. 

  1. Use soothing and warm lighting

Lighting can instantly refresh your mood and uplift a place, making it feel comfortable, inviting, and soothing. So, use lighting to make your man camp feel like an extension of your home. 

Choose lights with a warm and soothing glow instead of harsh fluorescent lighting. Incorporate table lamps or floor lamps to create a tranquil atmosphere. Furthermore, using string lights strategically around the space is also a good idea to avoid harsh, overly bright lighting.

In addition, consider adding dimmer switches, which allow you to adjust the intensity of the light to suit your mood and occasion. You can reduce the intensity when enjoying music or unwinding after work. 

However, since incorporating certain lighting involves modifying the electrical systems, it is better to ask the housing owner before making changes. 

  1. Make the bedding comfortable

When living away from the house, a good night’s sleep can change your perception about your life. At the end of a hectic day, the last thing you want is to sleep in a really uncomfortable bed. Such bedding makes your back and neck stiff, causing you to wake up tired. Such a situation can kill your original goal of making your man camp feel like home. 

If you want a comfortable feel in your temporary lodging, invest in good quality bedding, pillows, and even a mattress if your budget allows. Have relaxing and cozy blankets, pillows and cushions for support, and soft sheets aligning with your taste. Make sure to choose comfortable sheets with a high thread count that provides a luxurious feel while ensuring longevity. 

  1. Dedicate a corner for relaxing activities

Every house has a corner to relax and unwind. Design a similar corner in your man camp to enhance the ambiance and comfort of your space. 

Make a place to read a book, sip your coffee/tea, destress, or engage in activities that bring joy and rejuvenation. Invest in a cozy, comfortable chair or recliner and a table with a lamp. If a shelf is nearby, decorate it with your favorite books and magazines to make a mini-library. 

Additionally, you can bring a mini Bluetooth speaker to enjoy music while relaxing on your chair. This simple change will be very effective in transforming your man camp into a cozy and familiar place.  

Whether you’re catching up on reading, enjoying a quiet moment of contemplation, or talking to your loved ones, this spot can truly be your retreat from the stresses of the work. 

  1. Cook your home’s cuisine

Food has a strong ability to make a strange dwelling feel like home even when you are far away from it. Its familiar aroma and flavor can bring back memories of the time you spent sharing food with your loved ones. 

Bring some non-perishable ingredients from your house or explore the local produce and ingredients available in the camp’s vicinity. Cook and share your favorite home cuisine with your co-workers, promoting a sense of togetherness.

  1. Decorate your man camp with plants

Plants can make any place exude cozy vibes. So, use them to create an inviting retreat in your temporary lodging. Integrating indoor plants such as snake plants, rubber plants, and money plants not only makes your space beautiful but also purifies the air. Snake plant releases oxygen even during the night, ensuring you breathe in fresh air while sleeping comfortably on your bed. 

You can infuse natural beauty into your residence’s environment by strategically placing potted plants on windowsills, shelves, and tabletops. Hanging plants add dimension to your decor. In contrast, larger potted plants can become conspicuous focal points in common areas.

  1. Spend time with co-workers in your man camp

Spending time with other workers in a temporary lodging builds long-lasting relationships and makes your stay enjoyable. The camaraderie you share with them fosters a sense of community. 

You can organize group activities such as friendly sports competitions and shared cooking and gymming sessions, allowing you to bond outside the work environment. These small activities can increase your association with your man camp, making it feel like home.

Designate a communal area in your man camp where everyone can gather, for instance, a common lounge, a shared dining area, or even an outdoor fire pit. 

  1. Organize efficiently

When living in a confined space, organize your belongings efficiently to remove clutter from your surroundings. 

Invest in good-quality storage options such as cabinet organizers, shelves, plastic bins, and hooks to keep your personal and work-related belongings in their designated places. 

A properly organized and clutter-free living space promotes order. It makes your life simpler by making it easier to find anything.


Your stay in a man camp while working on a construction project might be short. However, it can still become a daunting experience if your residence feels strange and unfamiliar. You can make your man camp enjoyable by following the tips above, preventing you from feeling disconnected from your surroundings.


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