8 Tips to Add Extra Storage to Your Home

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Storage is a big issue for a lot of people, like those living in Hong Kong. Despite the high cost of living and high rents here, the apartments in Hong Kong are only a quarter of the size of an average apartment in the US. 

So, living in a small home, especially with a big family, can bring storage issues.  No matter how many closets and drawers you might have in your home, eventually, the space will run out. And you will find yourself shuffling through your stuff to make room for new things. 

If your home is always cramped and cluttered, no matter how hard you try to declutter, you might need to add more storage options. It can help reduce the mess and keep everything organized and easily accessible. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean adding more cabinets and closets. In fact, you can do many little things to add more storage space to your home. 

Tips to Add Extra Storage to Your Home 

Here are some things you can do for more storage space around the house.

  1. Use Storage Units

Although off-site storage services don’t come under adding storage to your home, they still serve the same purpose. Due to the prevailing issue of lack of storage in Hong Kong homes, you can find a number of self-storage units here. Using a storage service allows you to store big items, such as furniture or things that you barely use. For instance, you can store seasonal decorations, extra electronic appliances, boxes, old toys, books, or anything that is not used regularly but is taking up space in your home. 

Consequently, off-site storage allows you to make space for items you need at home. For instance, putting old furniture in a storage unit can free up space for other regularly used items such as kitchen utensils, crockery, clothes, etc. 

  1. Get Rid Of Stuff You Don’t Need 

We often accumulate stuff without realizing it. So, decluttering can free up a lot of valuable space in your home. Freeing up storage space can also help reduce clutter and keep your home clean and organized. 

So, before adding storage, it is recommended to declutter and get rid of extra stuff to get an idea of how much storage you have and how much you’ll need. One tip to declutter is to go through your belongings and make three piles. One pile can be for things you want to keep, one for things that can be donated, and one for items that need to be thrown away. 

Some items to get rid of while decluttering include junk mail, expired medications, worn-out clothes, broken toys, extra cables and wires, empty boxes, or anything else you don’t need or use. 

  1. Add Shelves To Existing Cabinets 

Cabinets often have removable shelves. So, you can add or remove shelves according to the size of the things you want to store. Similarly, you can always add more shelves if your cabinets or closets have extra space. This will allow you to use the available space without making any big changes. You can add extra shelves to the hutches, the pantry, or the cabinets under the sink.

  1. Make Use Of Vertical Spaces 

Using vertical spaces in your home can help you add more storage without taking up too much space. So, you can add shelves up a wall, in the bathroom behind the toilet, or wherever you feel like. You can also add some pretty baskets or organizers to the shelves to store your belongings. Similarly, you can add shoe racks in the entryway or foyer to keep it organized. 

Another way to use vertical space is to store items on the top of shelves or cabinets. For instance, you can store extra decorative items or dishes to avoid clutter. And it can also add to the decor and improve the room’s aesthetic. 

  1. Use The Space Under Your Bed 

The space under your bed can also be used to store items you might need often. For instance, you can store seasonal clothes in baskets or containers and slide them under the bed. This way, all the extra items will be stored out of sight but still be easily accessible whenever you need them. 

  1. Use Multi-Purpose Furniture 

You can find many types of multi-purpose furniture in the market that can be used for storage as well. So, if you’re also considering changing furniture, you can try buying multi-purpose furniture. For instance, you can buy a console to put under the TV. It will improve the room’s interior and give you some extra storage. Similarly, you can also get storage ottomans, which provide beautiful seating along with extra storage for all your stuff.  

  1. Add Hooks 

Adding hooks is a simple yet efficient way to add extra storage space and avoid clutter. For instance, you can add hooks in the foyer or entryway to hang coats and jackets. Similarly, you can add hooks behind bedroom doors to hang extra clothes to avoid a mess. Hooks can also be used in the kitchen to hang crockery or utensils. 

  1. Use Baskets And Organizers 

Using baskets and organizers can help organize your home and offer storage space. You can add baskets to shelves, the pantry, or consoles to store things without making the shelves look messy and compromising the room’s interior. In addition, baskets can keep all toiletries and other essentials organized in the bathroom, and organizers can help keep your belongings organized in drawers.  

Concluding Thoughts 

Storage space is vital for an organized and clutter-free home. Luckily, you don’t have to spend a lot or go through major renovations to add more storage to your home. Instead, you can make little changes around the house and add easy, efficient, and affordable storage solutions. 

So, you can use the tips mentioned above to declutter and add storage options wherever needed. However, if it still doesn’t work out, you can always use storage units to keep your belongings safe. 


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