Who is onwer of brand for less

Toufic Kreidieh is the chief executive officer (CEO) and one of the founding partners of the Brands for Less (BFL) Group, an off-price retail company that sells discounted premium labels for men, women, and children, as well as accessories, games, and furnishings. 

Kreidieh studied business management at the American University of Beirut (AUB) in Lebanon and graduated with a B.Sc.

Kreidieh and Yasser Beydoun started BFL in 1996 with a storefront in Lebanon. The United Arab Emirates was the site of BFL’s first retail location and corporate headquarters in the year 2000. By acquiring and conceptualising new ideas including Toys for Less, Homes for Less, Tchibo, and MUMUSO, Kreidieh has been instrumental in broadening the BFL Group’s portfolio beyond the initial Brands for Less platform.

The United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Lebanon, Kuwait, Malta, Spain, and Saudi Arabia are just some of the places where you may visit one of BFL Group’s more than fifty physical stores.

History of Brand For Less

In 1996, the Lebanese market got its first taste of Brands For Less.

Mr. Toufic Kreidieh and Mr. Yasser Beydoun have brought their concept for the company to Lebanon with the opening of its first store. 

We intend to reinvent the shopping experience and awe our clientele.

First Brands For Less store in the United Arab Emirates was launched in the year 2000.

Opening in the United Arab Emirates comes four years after their initial launch in Lebanon.

Tchibo’s Middle Eastern Debut Was In 2004

Tchibo lines have quickly become their best-sellers at every one of their stores.

Year 2013

By establishing an online storefront in JAFZA in 2013, BFL Group achieves yet another major milestone, this time in the largest free zone in the world.

Year 2014

Start Delighting Younger Customers in 2014 with Cheap Toys

Toys For Less is the first discount toy store in the area, allowing them to take their successful business model to a new demographic of young customers.

Lebanon has Seen the Opening of Its First MUMUSO Stores in 2018

BFL Group introduces MUMUSO in two of Lebanon’s busiest shopping districts. Almost half of Lebanon’s populace responds enthusiastically, making the brand an instant success.

Tchibo’s First Store Delights Maltese in 2018 Thanks to the BFL Group

The arrival of Tchibo, a popular German lifestyle brand, to Malta has drawn huge throngs of people. When Tchibo in Sliema, Malta, opens its doors and welcomes the people of Malta to “a new world every week,” adults and children alike flood in.

In 2019, MUMUSO launched in Malta.

On Friday, March 22nd, we introduced MUMUSO to the Maltese public. To further their mission to please clients all over the world.

Spain’s MUMUSO Museum Opened in 2019

On Tuesday, December 17th, their first MUMUSO store opened its doors to the public in Barcelona, Spain. Additionally, their second store in the city opened on January 17th. These storefronts herald the beginning of their MUMUSO retail presence in Spain.

Opening the First Brands for Less Store and Expanding the BFL Group in 2020 The first Oman location of international retailer BFL Group’s Brands For Less chain has opened on Level 1 of the Oman Avenues Mall.

In 2021, BFL Group launched its first Muy Mucho restaurant in Dubai.

Brands for Less Group (BFL) launches its new 27,056-square-foot fulfilment centre in Jafza, Abu Dhabi, in 2021.

BFL Group’s New High-End Idea Will Debut In 2021 Luxury For Less, a new concept store by the Brands for Less Group, has opened on the first floor of Dubai Festival City, offering a wide selection of real designers’ and high-end products at affordable costs.

The BFL Group launched its first Brands for Less store in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2022 as part of its expansion plans.

The first Brands for Less Opens store debuted on Exit 6 Road, and now there are also locations on Khurais Street and in the Riyadh Gallery. Brands For Less and one of the group’s most well-known labels, Muy Mucho.

It was reported in 2022 that the BFL Group will be expanding and launching its first Brands For Less store in Qatar on Al Sad Street. This would be followed by a second location in Doha City Centre.

Great Place to Work Accreditation Awarded to BFL Group in 2022 2022-2023 BFL Group is recognised as a Great Place to Work. Has received the “Great Place to Work” certification, which recognises exceptional workplaces worldwide.

In 2022, BFL Group launched its first retail complex.

The first ‘Brands For Less’ flagship store for BFL GROUP was opened in Motor City, as part of the first Shopping Centre opened by BFL GROUP. Homes For Less, Toys For Less, and Muy Mucho are just a few of the well-known brands that can be found in the group’s flagship location.

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