The 8-year-old Journalist you’ve probably not heard about

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Muhammad Hasnain, Pakistan’s youngest journalist and social worker, is only eight years old, yet his voice and charisma have already made him a household name in Pakistan and abroad.

Through his writing, this self-proclaimed disciple of South Asian philosopher and author Allama Iqbal hopes to inspire hope in those who have given up. Muhammad is a public speaker whose life’s work is focused on providing an education to homeless children. His life’s work is to provide schooling for homeless kids who would otherwise go without.
Muhammad is currently in the fourth year of his schooling curriculum and has worked for a total of six regional newspapers and three national radio stations.
He claims that his many talents come from God’s grace, and that he developed his exceptional memory by starting to consume almonds at an early age, as it is widely held in his culture that almonds are good for the brain.

The young host of the radio show thinks that experience is the best teacher, and that to become wise and intelligent, one must be open to new ideas and take calculated risks.

Professional Life

Muhammad discussed his 2018 professional debut in various media outlets in an interview with DIFFDAFF. He also spoke about the current initiatives he is engaged in and the insights he has gained from them.
Muhammad argues that journalists’ first and foremost duty is to report the truth while never letting go of their feeling of responsibility. I try out different approaches to demonstrating an idea I think the public should see. I’ve always made it a priority to see the world, educate myself on all sorts of things, and teach others what I’ve discovered.

He also brought up the fact that I write essays for other publications. Most of my time and energy are spent thinking about and trying to find solutions to societal challenges like gender inequity, child labour, and poor educational systems.

Muhammad claims he encourages homeless children to go to school and teaches them about their rights and obligations as citizens.

Every day, at 6:00 a.m., he rises and makes the trip to school. He enrols at the academy when he gets home from school to continue his study and later works in radio channels for a few hours a week.

With his busy schedule, Muhammad makes time to study the Quran, the central religious text for Muslims, in the evenings and on weekends.

In addition to his studies, Muhammad also read extensively about Islam’s past. Hasnain devotes much of his free time to teaching homeless kids in a makeshift school he set up in a park near his house.

Super Kid

For many young people, Muhammad Hasnain has been an inspiration.

Muhammad launched his first radio programme in 2018, which is currently called “Super Kid.” He has been reporting news for both Awaz-e-Subha and Kasooti, two local outlets.

More than thirty prizes, from groups on a local and national scale, recognised his reporting and presentations.

Muhammad has delivered speeches on over 1500 topics, both at home and abroad.

He spends his money on street kids, buying them necessities like clothes and toys.


Every year on August 14th, Pakistan’s Independence Day, he hosts a blood donation event for those with thalassemia.

He spends his weekends teaching English to homeless children.

Muhammad, at the tender age of eight, already speaks five languages.

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