Gayniggers from Outer Space (1992)

Do you remember the 1992 movie “Space”? The blaxploitation short film “Gayniggers from Outer Space” is featured. It was essentially a send-up of the other space movies that Hollywood was doing at the same time. Despite warnings from several Redditors that you shouldn’t Google “space movie 1992,” many people still found out about it. It was a trap set up to trick people into thinking they could find the words.

From the perspective of aliens sent to free men on Earth from the oppression women impose, the Gayniggers from Outer Space tells its story. They are making an effort to initiate a new gay culture. Thus, the film is both a gay science fiction and a gay comedy. Everything you wanted to know about “space movie 1992” is right here. 

What was the title of that 1992 film set in outer space? 

The short film “Gayniggers from Outer Space” is an example of the blaxploitation subgenre. Danish visual artist Morten Lindberg is the film’s director. Production on the film Gayniggers from Outer Space has moved to Denmark. 

The black males of the galaxy were taken aback when they learned that women exist on Earth. Therefore, they aim to wipe out all women with their rayguns. 

The rest of the world’s guys are starting to appreciate black men because of this. Extraterrestrials abandon a gay emissary on Earth to introduce the new lifestyle to straight men.

Like the film adaptation of “The Wizard of Oz,” this one begins in black & white before switching to color. The director has indicated that he added this for dramatic effect and to show that the globe is freed from the rule of authoritarian women. 

How did people feel about the film overall? 

Producers of the film marketed it specifically to LGBT audiences. The nerdy white dudes who went to see the film seemed to like the blaxploitation genre. In addition, in 2000, the Gay Nigger Association of America, an internet troll group, used this film in a campaign they were waging. 

Many Redditors, however, are confused about whether the film is a parody or an actual promotion of bigotry and homophobia. Many individuals began discussing the film and its many parts around the year 2020. Moreover, the film is the subject of a great deal of ridicule on various online platforms. Many online memes also make allusions to the film’s popularity. 

To paraphrase a tweet by Brian Redban, a co-host on The Joe Rogan Experience:

“Don’t Google “SPACE MOVIE 1992.” By doing so, he joined in on the buzz around space photography in 1992. 

If they really are from Gayniggers from Outer Space, then why are they being questioned? 

It appears that many viewers are amused by the movie’s gags. However, most of the responses to it have been negative. Many people think the film pokes fun at gay men and lesbians. Furthermore, there are numerous sexist jokes and comments scattered throughout the film. After that, the aliens are portrayed as black guys. Similarly, many of the movie’s themes are hotly disputed on today’s most popular social media platforms.

Using this strategy, it has been brought to the attention of many different groups. There are a lot of people who will ask you to Google the title of a 1992 space movie if you don’t know it. After that, they’ll watch the film and receive their evaluation. 

Some people who see the film come away thinking it encourages racist views. The Reddit hoax was meant to be humorous at first. It was soon shared across social media and became a top auto-fill suggestion on Google. The film’s intentions have been called into question by some viewers. This shows that the film is a parody of more than just space flicks; it pokes fun at a wide range of genres and subjects. There are several racist and homophobic jokes. 

Racial pranks on unsuspecting audiences

Many Twitter users have praised the movie despite having seen it and knowing exactly what occurs. Unfortunately, some people are spreading vicious slurs about 1992’s space flicks. 


Film depicting the end of the world as we know it In 1992, when it was first released, the film 1992 failed to impress most viewers. But in the modern day, it has become a hotly contested issue. It has caused many people to think deeply about prejudice and homophobia. This film is available on some of the best video streaming services out there.

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